Perfect weekend 

Yup! We napped a lot!
… And we took some photos for Buddy for his LinkedIn profile. We think it’s about time he finds a job. He can’t be a freeloader forever!

  “This pose?”

“Or this? Do I look successful?”

After the tiring photo session. Buddy invited his brother to beg for some napa cabbage. One of Buddy’s favorite food! And speaking of favorite… Sunday is definitely his favorite day of the week. He totally understands why people call it Sunday Funday, even though his mommy has Sunday Blues. He wouldn’t understand because he eats and lives for free! Oops sorry, I am totally off track; Buddy loves Sunday because he gets to go to Puppy Kindergarten at Pussy & Pooch and see his favorite people in the world (his trainers). Also because he gets to play with other puppies, and training exercises involves a lot of treats!

 “Hurry up guys! We are late to class!!!”

 “Is that me in the mural?”

 “Oh woof, that was fun! But we gotta hurry, human! Let’s get outta here fast, I was farting a storm in there from all the treats”

 “Yup! I ate, I played, I farted, now I’m pooped! Time for a puppy nap…”


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